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Information about How a Teenagers Brain Works

Many people try to teach teenagers like adults, but the truth is that the adolescent brain is not fully developed. In fact, the human brain does not mature completely until the age of twenty-five. The lack in cognitive development in youth brings about troubles with both analytical reasoning and emotional response. Parents need to understand that their children lacks self-regulation, and nurture positive behaviors from a young age rather than place adult-like expectations on their children. The key to raising a happy, loving child is through compassion and connection.

Key Takeaways:

  • The frontal lobes of the human brain are not fully developed until the age of 25.
  • Teachers and parents often expect too much from young children when it comes to self-regulation of behavior.
  • Children who can’t control their emotions or behaviors need care from loving and non-judgmental adults.

“Five-year-old Nathan was excited about a family outing to the zoo, but his mother worried he would not be able to control his behavior. So she explained her carefully devised plan. She had ten gummy bear candies with her. If Nathan behaved well, she would give him all ten at the end of the visit. Each time he misbehaved, though, he would lose one.”

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