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We are extremely pleased (and proud) to be able to announce that one of our partners has won ‘Best Employee Development Programme’ at UK Company Culture Awards. Congratulations Team RiiSE!

The +ProActive Approaches team worked in a consultancy role with Fair Ways to assist in the development of their (BILD Act – RRN Certified) RiiSE programme. The results speak for themselves, in the first 6 months, there was a 72% reduction in restraints!

Fair Ways win Best Employee Development Programme at UK Company Culture Awards

Fair Ways revolutionary training programme; RiiSE, awarded Best Employee Development Programme at the UK Company Culture Awards on Thursday 2nd May 2024.

“…RiiSE (Relationship Inspired Ideas for Supportive Environments) was developed by Fair Ways in-house team with a view to improving practice as we seek to become a trauma-informed charity”.

In 2021, the RiiSE 5-day foundation training course launched to all Fair Ways team members, providing a consilient and interpersonal approach for people to understand the effects of exposure to various forms of childhood trauma, adversity, abuse, neglect, and violence. Such trauma influences the behaviour displayed by children.

The impact of this programme has been extraordinary. The training provides knowledge in understanding the neurobiology of distressed behaviour and offers skills in relational support leading to a natural reduction in restraint.

In the first 6 months, there was a 72% reduction in restraints, with a further 34.2% reduction across all services in 2023.

UK Company Culture Judges commented – “Fair Ways’ outstanding programme has significant potential for industry-wide impact, with it’s systematic approach to reducing restraints and improving mental health outcomes for children in care. The team’s commitment to investing in a trauma-informed care model demonstrates their dedication to improving practises and setting a new standard within the sector.”

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