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Rejection: The Crisis of Belonging

Everyone needs strong human connection and relationships, especially kids. Kids need one adult in their corner at the very least that thinks they are the best thing ever in this whole world. They grow up to be happy well adjusted adults that way. Kids are much more resilient when they have positive caregivers in their world. Schools can play a critical role in this in their influence and acceptance of LGBT+ students. If schools can create welcoming environments then these students can be their authentic selves.

Key Takeaways:

  • A child needs one adult to be crazy about them, it helps them have a lifetime of adjustment and happiness.
  • Children need stability and a sense of belonging. They need caregivers who are stable and safe.
  • Children in the LGBT+ communities are even more vulnerable and need a sense inclusiveness in order to be authentic and who they are meant to be.

“But when children have experienced or continue to experience trauma and toxic stress, sometimes the need for belonging is not met.”

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