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How does poverty impact mental illness?

Imagine being a young child, and having to feel the pain of hunger each day in the classroom and trying to pay attention to the teacher. This is the reality for so many children who are living in poverty. Adults have a hard time with hunger, when we miss a meal it makes us irritable. Children who have to live like this each day most certainly have issues with anxiety and depression. There is a definite link between mental illness and poverty.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you have ever been hungry, you know the impact it has on you, children should never have to feel that way.
  • If you can imagine, a child having to go to school like that every day, and not being able to concentrate due to hunger.
  • There is definitely a link between poverty and anxiety and depression, especially when it comes to kids.

“Or think about what it would be like to have to get yourself to school because both parents are at work or are not around to support you. Couple that with anxiety, depression, stress, or the effects of trauma and the complexities compound.”

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