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Facing Fears of Compassion in Anxiety and Depression

There are many obstacles people with anxiety and depression struggle with. Perhaps it is not hard to imagine that a fear of receiving compassion from other people is one of them. This fear can lead to people struggling with mental disorders rejecting help, because they feel that receiving compassion makes them weak and vulnerable. The effect is especially pronounced with those who are socially more introvert and isolated. Researchers have developed a scale along which they measure and define this fear.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is research that supports the connection between fear of compassion and anxiety/depression disorders.
  • Those who shun compassion often end up isolating themselves, which leads to a lack of “social safeness”.
  • People with depression and social anxiety sometimes feel as if they don’t deserve compassion, which makes it difficult to access the help that they need.

“Research on depression and anxiety disorders highlights the connection between compassion and well-being. There is good evidence that training up compassion can improve well-being, alleviating symptoms and redressing underlying vulnerabilities.”

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