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Early trauma leads to changes in the blood – Futurity

Tests on mice have shown that traumatic experiences as a child can lead to blood metabolites causing problems for years to come. This research shows that with humans their is a potential link between traumatic experiences causing problems for years as people pass their germ cells to future generations. The researchers have found that transferring the serum of traumatized males to non-traumatized males had the same negative effects on their off spring. They also showed that lipid metabolism and glucose levels are passed down to children.

Key Takeaways:

  • People who live through traumatic experiences in childhood often suffer long-lasting consequences that affect their mental and physical health. Their children and grandchildren can be affected also.
  • Up to one fourth of children across the world experience violence, abuse, and neglect, which can lead to chronic diseases later in their life.
  • Improving the understanding of the underlying biological processes could help medical practitioners prevent the late-onset consequences of adverse life experiences in patients in the future.

“Mansuy and colleagues demonstrated that childhood trauma does have a lifelong influence on blood composition and that these changes are also passed to the next generation.”

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