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5 Ways Trauma And Poverty Affect Childhood Development

Children are quite resilient however there are certain events that can cause serious damage to their development. At the top of that list is poverty. Lack of proper nutrients can be devastating on their mental health. Then factor in the abuse which comes in several situations such as mental, physical and sadly even sexual. Again, this can damage a child throughout their lives. Although there are no perfect solutions to such events, the best way to handle this is to do our very best to minimize exposure to said experiences. Make your children the highest priority from the very beginning and throughout their lives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Child development can be negatively impacted by adverse childhood experiences such as poverty and neglect.
  • These adverse childhood experiences can affect brain development and affect bodily responses.
  • One in six children in America are affected by poverty.

“However, prevention of ACEs can go a long way in improving health throughout life. In fact, according to a recent National Press Foundation (NPF) briefing, three of the five most costly adult diseases are associated with early life adversity.”

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