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Classrooms Need the Three R’s of Social Emotional Learning Right Now

As schools reopen around the country, both educators, students and parents find themselves in a new situation. New approach to teaching and learning is needed. Three “Rs” is a good approach. Reconnect between stakeholders may be necessary to address the abrupt ending to the previous year. A lot has happened since. Help the students recover from a trauma, as some may have found the experience particularly troublesome. Going forward, reimagining schools and education system is the critical step. The current situation is the new normal, and it may require additional creativity and ability to do more with less.

Key Takeaways:

  • Educators name the three R’s of Social Emotional Learning as being Reconnect, Reimagine and Recover.
  • With the abrupt closing of schools a highly important avenue for understanding issues, fostering meaningful discussion and rendering emotional support was pulled away from kids and parents.
  • Going back to school, when it happens, can not proceed as a ‘business as usual’ event. Reconnection must be actively pursued and addressed.

“One activity that can be used to foster awareness of identity and connections to others is “Exploring Community History and Cultural Influence” from Teaching Tolerance.”

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