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Re-Center and Re-focus: Simple Breathing Exercises for Teachers and Students

Teachers’ work and daily life can be quite stressful even in the normal course of the schoolyear. Couple with the unusual situation during the current pandemic, teachers face pressures and challenges like never before. Preparing online lectures and support for students that are equally stressed out are some of the challenges they need to address. Breathing exercises can help overcome these times. Since breathing comes naturally, we don’t give it much thought, but there are ways to breathe improperly. Start by learning to take a single and proper breath. Deeper breaths are better. Repeat the technique until it becomes natural to you.

Key Takeaways:

  • When non-mindful breathers let the air settle in their chest, keeping the diaphragm tight, they are inadvertently often breathing shallowly.
  • This behavior activates the sympathetic nervous system and creates unneeded stress throughout the body.
  • With the sympathetic nervous system in high gear an excess of cortisol is also released into the system.

“And though most of us breathe on autopilot as we focus our attention on more “important” things, our breathing actually lays the foundation for how we live our lives. And how we are breathing affects the quality of our life.”

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