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Coping with Loss and Disruption – The Therapeutic Care Journal

Losses in our lives inevitably lead to disruption and big emotional impact. With children, the impact is only more dramatic. Dealing with it is a multistep process. After loss, there comes a period of adjustment. It is the beginning of the emotional recovery which will take different amount of time. Likewise, the scale of disruption will depend not only on individual perceptions, but also on the nature of the event. Assessment of the situation is a necessary step for a proper healing process. Building on resilience is a good foundation, while providing the opportunity for a child to express their emotions.

Key Takeaways:

  • A writer, still reeling with the emotional aftermath of her mother’s death from cancer and Parkinson’s realizes that the ability to form a coherent narrative helps.
  • Having memories is another way to mitigate the sense of loss and cope and then rebound emotionally.
  • Feeling a sense of belonging and identity with others that can best appreciate the loss is also singularly important.

“All of us at times during our lives will experience loss and how we recover from that loss will depend on so many factors, including such factors as the actual event, the circumstances, level of attachment and also our level of resilience.”

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