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What Is It | Mindfulness in Schools Project

Mindfulness is about living in the present, rather than getting lost in the past or future. By raising awareness levels in the present, people will be able to properly deal with their negative thoughts. Many people confuse mindfulness with yoga, silence, or completely emptying their mind but that’s not the case. It’s simple about being aware of your surroundings and not dwelling on emotions. The science behind mindfulness and mental health is still in its infancy, but the initial results look promising.

Key Takeaways:

  • Being Mindful is being fully aware to what is going around you, in the moment. Noticing the small details around you.
  • Life feels brighter and fresher when we do not gloss over it but truly experience it.
  • Being able to step back and be brings greater clarity and allows us to make better choices for our well beings.

“At its most basic level, mindfulness helps train your attention to be more aware of what is actually happening, rather than worrying about what has happened or might happen. We learn to bring greater curiosity to whatever it is we experience.”

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