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Peter Levine on Trauma Healing: A Somatic Approach

Professional therapist, Peter Levine, believes the method known as somatic experiencing can effectively help people dealing with mental issues related to trauma. In this type of therapy, patients relive their trauma through conversation, and are told to recognize the associated physical response. Levine believes that the physical manifestation of the brain’s stress response can trigger anxiety, depression, and other mental issues. By understanding the bodily cues, people can better understand their thoughts and emotions as they relate to their traumatic experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Somatic Experience focuses on the physiological aspects of trauma, addressing emotional and cognitive issues.
  • Peter Levine started his career in mind-body healing by developing awareness as a tool for stress reduction.
  • When people are in fear they take a fight or flight response. They will still immobile until the overcome their fear and and launch a separate attack, or rage counterattack.

“If animals were physically restrained and frightened, they would go into a profoundly altered state of consciousness where they were frozen and immobilized, unable to move.”

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