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The Relationship Between Stress,Trauma & Diabetes Type 2

Stress leads to us using things to help cope with that stress because we get to a point that we cannot cope with the amount of stress that we have been dealt. When we are stressed we tend to reach for things like alcohol and sweets in order to cope with the way that we are feeling as a form of self medication. Even when we quit drinking alcohol we tend to want sweets as a way to fill that void which is still bad for the liver, and can lead to diabetes type 2.

Key Takeaways:

  • When we are stressed we tend to turn to sugar or alcohol as a way to cope with it.
  • When we self medicate, it is hard to get out of that cycle because that is what we have used.
  • Stress comes when it is beyond the persons ability to cope, and when sugar or alcohol are abused that leads to diabetes.

“These feelings often lead to self-medication with sugar and carbohydrates, drugs, alcohol, sex and other activities.”

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