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The Fragments of a Dysfunctional Family

It can be hard to raise a normal family after having a traumatic childhood. We tend to get a set of blinders with what we see as normal. Our pain and our anxiety can make it hard to give the love to our children that we wanted to have ourselves. I decided to stop talking with my family because I wanted my kids to be safe and I wanted to be able to get out of the drama related.

Key Takeaways:

  • After a traumatic childhood, I feel I am still clearing abusive people out of my unconscious.
  • When not grounded, I have doubts that I’ll ever fully heal from the trauma.
  • Trying to “get over it” doesn’t help, as that is never about healing.

“I wanted them to have a chance at a normal life without abuse, trafficking and manipulation from the people who are supposed to love them.”

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