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How to Talk to Children About Racism, Prejudice, and Protests

Children are aware of what is going on in society today, and it is the job of all parents to help them feel safe. If we want to fix the broken society we live in we need to raise children to have different views and celebrate diversity. Language is very powerful and we need to teach our children to embrace differences and respect and value others and what they offer to a society. Many families will have different conversations but we can share our feelings and guide our families to a happier world filled with Hope.

Key Takeaways:

  • It takes a collective response from everyone to safety, fairness and celebration when people are wounded by attacks against diversity.
  • Children might see the pain that is happening, but without conversation, they will not have context to fully understand that pain.
  • It is okay to let children know that you feel pain, sadness and anger due to the events that have occurred.

“Our children will be an important part of the healing moving forward but first, we have to bring a sense of safety to their world.”

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