The Connection Between Anxiety and Anger

As many jobs as our brains have, including learning, keeping us safe is its top priority. And when it perceives any type of threat, the amygdala takes over the brain. It focuses on what is going on in that monment. And when that happens, the thinking brain, or the part of the brain that can analyze consequences, and problem solve, basically shuts off. Basically, the amygdala puts us into a fight or flight state, even if it doesn’t need to.

Key Takeaways:

  • While our brain serves many different purposes, protecting us is its number one job.
  • When our brain feels threatened, our brain moves into a place where it can only think about the threats, or what are seen as threats, in the moment.
  • When dealing with children, as much as they do in fact need boundaries, they also need for us to be compassionate to them.

“Anxiety can drive all sorts of behaviour, which is why it can look different in different people.”

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