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Conscious Breathing and the Vagus Nerve | Dr. Arielle Schwartz

Our Vagus nerve is what plays a key role in our bodies when it comes to relaxing. During times of frequent stress, this can cause us to feel really on edge, and on the verge of anxiety and panic. Our vagus nerve is what helps us feel calm in a world where there is a lot of stress. If we practice breathing consciously, it can activate this nerve and stimulate to help us during times of debilitating stress.

Key Takeaways:

  • Our bodies are equipped with survival instincts that make us breath quicker when we sense danger.
  • We aren’t supposed to stay that way for long and you should focus on conscious breathing instead of survival breathing.
  • The vagus nerve plays a key role in our lives because it keys right into our heart and lungs.

“When under duress, your sympathetic nervous system kicks into gear which can lead you to breathe with quick, forceful inhalations into your upper chest.”

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