15 Point Checklist To Tell If What You Are Doing is Actually Positive Behaviour Support.

How can you tell if what we are doing is actually Positive Behaviour Support?

Ask yourself the following questions and find out;
  1. Does each person have a written individualised behaviour support plan?
  2. Is this different from everyone else’s?
  3. Does the plan include a clear definition of each behaviour?
  4. Has a functional assessment been undertaken?
  5. Does the behaviour support plan base its interventions on the known functions of each behaviour?
  6. Does the plan differentiate ‘proactive’ and ‘reactive’ strategies?
  7. Is there a clear emphasis on the proactive elements of the plan?
  8. Does the proactive planning include both preventative and skills teaching strategies?
  9. Where reactive strategies are in place, is there an emphasis on non-restrictive first resort strategies?
  10. Where restrictive practices are indicated, is there a clear rationale for this?
  11. Does the plan identify specific anticipated outcomes?
  12. Are arrangements for monitoring and review in place?
  13. Is there an organisation-wide predisposition to support the implementation of PBS?
  14. Does the plan indicate how the people implementing the approach will be trained to reliably and consistently implement strategies?
  15. Does the plan identify any additional resources required?


We have an assessment tool which will give you a more thorough insight. Please email us @ support@proactiveapproaches.co.uk and we will be happy to provide this to you free of charge.


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