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Everyone left the course feeling inspired and motivated…

Thank you, the course was, in my opinion, excellent and I felt that everyone left the course feeling inspired and motivated thinking ‘what can I do better to be a superstar?’. That in itself gives a clear indication of the quality of the material from the course and the way you delivered it.

I really liked how the course focused on trauma and how this impacts on cognitive, emotional and physical development. This was linked well to presenting behaviours and attachment styles with an underlying message of the children we work with having a hidden disability, presenting behaviours that were a direct result from toxic stress and an ingrained survival strategy – not always a conscious decision to be ‘difficult’. I saw a few ‘light-bulb’ moments with staff on the training and am excited about other members of my team accessing Proactive Approaches in the future. I loved the way staff felt inspired and reflective on how they could think and work slightly better with the young people in our home who have complex needs emotionally and socially.

I also loved the way you accurately and cleverly looked at staff’s own attachment styles and how this plays out in the relationship with the young people. The work you did around different team roles and blocked care and empathy fatigue was enlightening and inspiring. I thought it really helped people reflect on their own practice. In addition, the discussions around The House Model of Parenting gave people a structure to improve practice and think about how the home can further develop work around young people having a secure base and attuned relationships with staff.

I thought the approach to the training around restrictive physical intervention was clear and easily accessible. The clear and simple teaching methodology was very helpful and I was pleased to see new employees easily managing and retaining the physical element of the training.

Thank you so much, I would definitely recommend Proactive Approaches to any other organisation that work with children with Social and Emotional Mental Health Needs.

Sharon Broadley, (Registered Manager)

The Ryes Education and Children`s Homes.

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