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Reducing the Need for Restraint and Restrictive Intervention Children and Young People with Learning Disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Mental Health Difficulties.

To find out more about the new DoH/DoE Guidance Click Here.

Settings that the new Guidance will affect:


  • Maintained special schools.
  • Special academies and special free schools.
  • Children’s homes (including secure children’s homes).
  • Local authority approved foster care placements (which includes independent foster agency placements).
  • Non-maintained special schools.
  • Special post-16 institutions.
  • Special schools or PRUs delivering hospital education (i.e. education provided at a community special school or foundation special school established in a hospital, or under arrangements made by a local authority under section 19 of the 1996 Education Act as ‘exceptional provision of education’).
  • Those independent educational institutions which could apply/have applied to the Secretary of State for Education for approval (under section 41 of the Children and Families Act 2014) to be named in an Education, Health and Care plan. Once approved, such institutions are legally obliged to admit a child whose plan names them as the appropriate placement.
  • Residential holiday schemes for disabled children.
  • All settings providing health care commissioned by the National Health Service.

To find out more about the new DoH/DoE Guidance Click Here.

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