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Lockdown: Does More Time In School Improve Outcomes?

Recent research has illustrated how remote learning does not result in the same levels of success when compared to in-classroom learning. Surprisingly, a follow-up study was conducted, and researchers found that the decrease in effectiveness was much smaller than we once thought. This decrease is even more minimal when weighed against the importance of social distancing regulations that have currently been put into place on both federal and local levels. Is the small decrease in success rates worth the risk of a spike in cases this fall?

Key Takeaways:

  • Less time in school per week is not the same as taking a prolonged break from school.
  • Children in preschool and the early grades are the ones most likely to suffer from spending months away from school.
  • Based on research, young children and those from disadvantaged backgrounds should be prioritized when it comes to reopening schools.

“Conventional wisdom suggests that more time leads to much better results. Surprisingly, this is not the case.”

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