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How does teacher body language affect behaviour?

It’s not just about what a teacher says that affects a child’s education, but how they are standing when they say it. Studies have shown that a teacher’s body language and posture have a significant impact on the success of their students. If a teacher has a strong, confident stance, it will show students that they are approachable. For those educators that slouch, the students may think that the teacher isn’t putting in effort, so they won’t put in effort either.

Key Takeaways:

  • Military posture can be aggressive and exhausting, while slouching expresses a lack of confidence.
  • It is harder to hold the attention of students while sitting down.
  • It is good practice to circulate around the classroom and bend towards students who ask questions.

“She believes that posture is particularly important for older students, who often could benefit from improving their stooped stance in the classroom.”

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