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Healing PTSD: Mind and Body in Trauma Treatment | Dr. Arielle Schwartz

PTSD is a very difficult condition that affects both the mind and body. But, it can be healed by going deep within and giving attention to the wounds to help redirect the pain and overcome PTSD. Mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular in the world to help deal with mental illness and other maladies such as PTSD. Using this mindfulness, you can become aware of what feels tense and explore your own emotions. Ultimately, you will be able to reprocess traumatic memories and heal.

Key Takeaways:

  • Traumatic memories are generally fraught with power, which makes visiting them frightening, but also empowering.
  • When we revisit these old sites of pain, brining with us an ability to understand them with hard-won experience and logic, we can integrate ourselves.
  • Trauma often carries with it a load of remembered shame and powerlessness. To move forward it’s necessary to stop judging ourselves for these feelings.

“In trauma treatment, we are looping our consciousness around places in our psyches and in our bodies that hold unprocessed sensations, emotions, images, and thoughts.”

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