Children who are looked after are much more likely to be reported missing than those that aren’t. There are a few things that professionals could learn from the children that go missing. One of them is that, every situation is unique, what one child is going through may be very different from what another child is going through even though they seem similar. They want these professionals to have compassion and consider that there might be a very valid reason for them running away.

Key Takeaways:

  • Children who are looked after are much more likely to be reported missing, and the reasons they run away vary.
  • People who run away want the police to consider their unique circumstances about why they may have left.
  • Children who are looked after are at an increased risk of harm and should be looked after by professionals more closely.

“Professionals should try to understand the unique challenges facing looked after children, including the conflict in wanting to be treated like other children but also needing their often complicated circumstances to be taken into account.”

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