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Calming the body before calming the mind: Sensory strategies for children affected by trauma

Trauma events in children can be detrimental to a child’s mental growth, as their brain is still developing. Caregivers should stress the importance of emotional self-regulation with children so they can positively deal with their feelings. Experts believe that children should become aware of their bodily sensations when feeling certain emotions, which will help them to manage these emotions in the correct manner. Adding sensory inputs like weighted blankets and fidget toys to a child’s therapeutic experience may help them to relax and adjust their unwanted behaviors.

Key Takeaways:

  • Self-regulation of their behaviors and emotions may come far harder for children that have experienced trauma.
  • Under normal circumstances children pass through three stages of brain development.
  • This development is put at risk if the child does not have a safe and predictable relationship with a nurturing caregiver.

“This short article describes how understanding brain development can help inform approaches to working with children affected by trauma.”

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