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Autism and Depression

There is a strong link between autism and depression. There is bullying associated with autism, and depression is linked with feeling like you don’t fit in anywhere. You can fight through the depression with self compassion. Autistic children and adults probably aren’t saying very positive things about themselves and if they are being bullied, they aren’t hearing very good things from the people around them either. There are support groups available that can help you through any trauma or just day to day life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Autism and depression can often coexist, because having autism can be lonely and frustrating.
  • Bullying and trauma are a big source of depression in those with autism, everyone wants to feel like they fit in.
  • You view the world differently with autism and some of the things your inner voice says just aren’t true.

“Bullying and loneliness are a big cause of depression amongst neurodiverse individuals.”

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