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10 Tools For Parenting Success

Parenting can be tricky, but researchers believe that being a playful parent, rather than a strict parent, can truly benefit a child’s development. They say that the child’s brain fully benefits from play and helps to breed creativity, emotional intelligence, and impulse control. Some ways parents can play with their children are by singing, making up games, counting together, or talking in a funny voice. Obviously, parents can’t be playful all the time, but it’s important that their relationship with their child is fun at its core.

Key Takeaways:

  • Examples of parental playfulness include singing, rhyming, and speaking in a silly voice.
  • With teens, playfulness can be expressed through light-hearted humor when setting boundaries.
  • If your kids are frustrating you, a simple 10-second exercise can calm you down.

“Some nights, the tension would have continued until they were all asleep. A series of frustrations, consequences and gritting my teeth to get through snuggle time. That night, however, I was able to “keep my lid on,” as Dan Siegel would say.”

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