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The Recording Formula Course

Report Writing Made Easy...

The Recording Formula provides you with a solution to easily access bespoke recording and reporting training that teaches a proprietary 7-Step Formula so that even your newest members of staff know exactly how to write a Complete, Concise, Factual report that contains evidence of defensible decision making.

The Recording Formula provides you with a solution to easily ensure that your organisation's report writing is not exposing you to the risk of criticism from either Ofsted or CQC.

‘The Recording Formula’ is a 6-module, interactive workshop that teaches your staff a 7-part FORMULA which empowers and enables them to easily produce high-quality reports every time.

The course will empower your staff to systematically produce high-quality reports following incidents and the use of physical intervention. Some of the reasons for poor report writing are that staff simply don’t know WHAT to write, or HOW to write it. Because of this issue, they either guess and simply write what they think it should be like or try and copy someone else’s report from another incident. 

Obviously, neither of those options are very helpful to you. Most people write WHAT they did, but very rarely record WHY they did. A high-quality report will include both.

High Quality REPORTS are Complete. Concise. Factual. EASY! #TheRecordingFormula

The Recording Formula is the definitive guide to writing high-quality incident reports following the use of Restrictive Physical Intervention. See below for an outline of the course.

Course Content

‘The Recording Formula’ is a 6-module, interactive course that teaches your staff a 7-part FORMULA which empowers and enables them to easily produce HIGH-quality reports every time!

Course Includes:

  • Module 1 – An Introduction To Incident Recording – Why high quality recording is so important.
  • Module 2 – The Law & Legal Context – Creating evidence of defensible
    decision making.
  • Module 3 – Quality Recording, ensuring reports are complete, concise and factual.
  • Module 4 – ‘The 7 Part Recording – A formulaic 7-part system that anyone can use to write high-quality reports.
  • Module 5 – Recording Specifics (e.g. times, people etc)
  • Module 6 – Applying The Formula – How to apply ‘The Formula’ to either written or electronic reports. (The course can also be tailored to your current recording system).

Objectives – Staff will be able to:

  • Describe why effective recording is so important.
  • Illustrate how to include aspects of the law relating to RPI (Restrictive Physical
    Intervention) in a report.
  • Describe what evidence of defensible decision-making is.
  • Demonstrate how to skilfully record what their lawful excuse was and evidence
    WHY their intervention was lawful
  • Explain the characteristics of a good report and avoid common mistakes.
  • Use the 7-part Recording Formula to structure accurate, complete, and concise
    reports (every time!).
  • Prioritise what information is necessary for a report.
  • Gain understanding through practical video-based exercises.
  • Create concise, accurate, complete, high quality reports on your organisation’s own recording system.


Q: How long does the course last?

A: 1 Day. The usual start and finish times are 9.30 am – 3.30 pm, however, this can be flexible depending on your needs. There will be a mid-morning & mid-afternoon break as well as a lunch break.

Q: Is the course certificated?

A: Yes, all delegates who complete the course will be provided with a certificate as part of the course fee.

Q: Is the theory part of the course just Powerpoint?

A: Absolutely NOT! The course utilises a unique blend of video, case studies, group exercises, personal reflection, experiential exercises to effectively impart the required knowledge and skills in order to empower staff to support children and young people effectively.

Q: How many of staff can attend?

A: 18 people

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Click on the ‘Download Info Pack’ button below to receive your copy of our PDF Info pack (delivered instantly via email). The pack includes full course details and costs.

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