Lucy Pearce

Lucy is a dedicated trainer in trauma-informed approaches, with significant experience of working within services that support children in residential care and students in SEMH (Social, Emotional, and Mental Health) schools. With a decade of experience in the field, and 20 years of experience in supporting children and leadership roles across residential care and education in the UK and Internationally.

Lucy holds a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership in Reducing Restrictive Practices and an advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Life Story Work. Outside of ProActive Approaches, she is the creator and implementer of the bespoke trauma-informed programme, RiiSE (Relationship Inspired Ideas for Supportive Environments), which is also certified by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD). Her expertise and innovative contributions have significantly enhanced the support and care provided to vulnerable individuals.

Lucy specialises in making complex training easily understandable and practical for implementation, always ensuring that the voice of the child is at the heart of her approach. She is adept at breaking down intricate concepts into accessible strategies, empowering caregivers and educators to create supportive environments where children feel heard and valued. Additionally, Lucy trains in-house coaches and monitors restrictive physical interventions across an organisation, ensuring safe and effective practices are consistently applied. Her dedication to centring the child’s perspective ensures that their needs and experiences are prioritised in every aspect of care and education.

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