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+ProActive Building Blocks

+ProActive Building Blocks is our researched based teaching methodology that utilises tried and tested principles that significantly increase the ‘Skill Acquisition‘ and ‘Skill Retention‘ of your delegates.

As most of the behaviour systems that teach physical interventions have been around for a while, sadly the way in which they are taught has in most cases not been updated since their inception. In our experience, the methodology used by most providers is still ‘Demonstration then Imitation’.

What does that look like in detail and how could you spot a system that was still using this outdated method? ‘Demonstration then Imitation’ consists of the trainer doing a ‘full speed demonstration’, followed normally by 2 slow demonstrations and they then send delegates off to ‘have a go’ while they race around the room trying to correct all of the mistakes that people are making. That may well sound familiar?

Bear in mind, for every incorrect repetition of a technique it will take at least 2 repetitions of the CORRECT technique to overwrite the incorrect practice from their muscle memory. As you can see, sadly, this methodology does not offer great value for money!

There have been a number of studies that have looked in depth at the issue of skill acquisition, interestingly, one such study was conducted with nurses working in the NHS. The study discovered that when using ‘Demonstration then Imitation’, most of the skills taught to the nurses could not be remembered only 3 months after the course.

+ProActive Building Blocks is the answer to this problem.


Our goal is to enhance quality of life for everyone with a compelling emphasis on the benefits of healthy, therapeutic relationships. We do this by delivering trauma and research-informed, attachment aware education with a strong focus on reducing restrictive practices & restraint (#AimingForZero).

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