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Physical Intervention Training

Looking for BILD Act/RRN Certified Training?

Certainly, one of the key considerations when searching for Physical Intervention Training is firstly establishing that the training is ‘fit for purpose’ and has been designed for your specific sector and is not just a one size fits all offering. To read our newly updated Guide on Behaviour Training, Click Here.

+ProActive Approaches specialises in delivering physical intervention training for Social Care settings (adults & children), SchoolsHealthcare settings and the Secure Estate.

There are a number of things to consider when sourcing this type of specialist training:
  • Is the training designed specifically for your setting? For example, are you looking specifically for physical intervention training for schools?
  • Can the training provider work with you to design and deliver bespoke learning to meet the specific needs of your organisation?
  • Can they provide examples of services which have previously applied the learning?
  • Do they have a system of feedback or testimonials you can check?
  • Does the proportion of the training content programme conform to the balance of proactive/reactive strategies in the individual’s support plan(s) and include any restrictive practices that are planned?
  • Does the learning contain an element of competency testing for instance observations/role play, as well as verbal competence and reflection?
  • Is there a written theory test?
  • Does the learning provider have a system in place to feedback about learners who are unsafe in their practice?
  • Can the learning provider describe the biomechanical and psychological risks and issues of any restrictive techniques that are taught, and work with you to define which techniques will and will not be taught?
  • Is the learning consistent with, or integral to, the process of functional analysis and formulation?
  • Can the learning provider offer support or suggestions to your organisation following the learning provision to ensure that what has been learnt is being put into practice properly?
  • Do the trainers hold teaching qualifications?

As well as Physical Intervention Training, +ProActive Approaches also provides breakaway (disengagement) training.

Our goal is to enhance quality of life for everyone with a compelling emphasis on the benefits of healthy, therapeutic relationships. We do this by delivering trauma and research-informed, attachment aware education with a strong focus on reducing restrictive practices & restraint (#AimingForZero).

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