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Trauma-Informed Behaviour Support Training for Special Schools

The Advantage used by some School Leaders to Lower Staff Turnover, Reduce Incidents, Remove Barriers to Learning and Drastically Improve OFSTED Outcomes

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Since 2014, some Special Schools have relied on the +ProActive Approaches range of Trauma-Informed Behaviour Support training to rapidly and consistently address the growing issues experienced by their staff teams.

Whether you’re looking to:

Decrease staff turnover by addressing the root cause of their stress…

Reduce incident numbers by resolving issues before they escalate… One partner school recently experienced an 80% reduction in incidents over a 5 month period!

Reliably remove barriers to learning  for pupils with EHCP’s…

Improve your OFSTED rating – regardless of how low it might be…

Access BILD Act (RRN) Accredited Training so that you can easily evidence that your training is ‘Fit for Purpose‘…

We have a course that’s proven to help.

No fluff or vanity metrics. Just real, tangible results.

Ofsted Outcome

“…Ofsted was very successful, I am very pleased with the judgement. I have always known that we are on a journey that would take five years. So with two years complete, we have made remarkable progress.

Once again, thank you for all your help and support. What you’ve brought to the organisation is what Aristotle would call Phonesis – the complicated interplay between theory and practical judgement. Thank you”.

Graham Maher, Head Teacher, St Edwards School.

Reduction in Incidents

“This programme and the train the trainer programme ensures that my homes have access to such a comprehensive and well-rounded programme that absolutely mirrors our own values.

It is aligned to our attachment and trauma-informed approach which means that the children within our service can be assured of the best quality, psychologically informed support. It enables adults to remain attuned and therefore reduces the levels of distress experienced by the children. This translates directly as a reduction in incidents”.

Helen Hoggins, Head of Residential, Five Rivers Childcare

Giving staff the skills

“I highly recommend Proactive Approaches. It totally delivers in one package. My whole team enthuse about this training and it never fails to inspire. Their focus on understanding trauma, and the physiological and psychological impact this has, combined with effective attachment-aware trauma-informed approaches goes beyond any other behaviour support programme.

I love the way they have combined theory and trauma-informed strategies, giving staff the skills and tools they need for working with children who require high levels of support”.

Sharon Broadley, Registered Manager, The Ryes Children’s Homes

How Does +Proactive Approaches Deliver Results?

Our courses go beyond simply sharing information. Instead, we empower you and your staff to think deeply about your culture and make suitable and impactful changes that deliver tangible results.

After all, the language your team uses to describe the pupils they support will affect how they think about them and, subsequently, how they treat them

We’ve reverse-engineered the process, and our courses will challenge your staff to change culture in a positive way, resulting in happier pupils and staff and fewer issues for you.

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Special Schools

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Our goal is to enhance quality of life for everyone with a compelling emphasis on the benefits of healthy, therapeutic relationships. We do this by delivering trauma and research-informed, attachment-aware education with a strong focus on removing barriers to learning and reducing restrictive practices & restraint (#AimingForZero).

+ProActive Approaches is a national training provider of ‘Behaviour Training’ with extensive experience within Schools.

We are able to offer you a wide range of behaviour courses to suit your needs, courses include the following:

  • PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) Training.
  • Attachment & Trauma-Informed Behaviour Support Training for Schools.
  • Physical Intervention Training.
  • Breakaway Training.
  • Report Writing Following Incidents & Physical Interventions.

Access a group of trainers (many professionally qualified) who are not only experts in their field, but who will also captivate your staff and have them on the edge of their seats…