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Then replace this > The Mainstream Schools Edition of +ProActive Approaches provides you with an ‘In-House’ solution to easily cascade ‘classroom/school specific’ behaviour support training that focuses on understanding the reasons for behaviour and teaches effective de-escalation strategies.

Replace> The 4-Day +ProActive Approaches Train The Trainer Course (Schools Edition) enables one of your own staff to qualify as an 'In House' trainer and implement our 5-Step System.

It will also allow them to mentor colleagues in order to identify, understand and respond confidently to behaviour that they would ordinarily find stressful using a wide range of proactive strategies and techniques.

The course content contains a large number of practical and experiential exercises; this course is thought-provoking and insightful. Delegates will come away with a practical ‘tool bag’ of new skills and approaches that they will be able to apply immediately.

The +Proactive Approaches 5-Step System:

  • 1

    Ethos & Culture

  • 2

    Understanding Behaviour

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    Analysing Behaviour  

  • 4

    Practical Behaviour Toolkit

  • 5

      Evidence & Review     

The philosophy behind +ProActive Approaches is one of understanding, empathy and adopting a proactive mindset in relation to behaviours of concern. Through empowering staff members to become inquisitive about behaviour and consider it from a context of either being an unmet need, frustration, anxiety, trauma & attachment issues, environmental factor or communication difficulties, they will be able to understand the behaviours correctly and subsequently develop the correct support plans that will limit the likelihood of behaviour in the first place. This approach will ensure that your service effectively focuses on supporting young people rather than trying to manage them.

The +ProActive Approaches courses draw heavily on contemporary research, PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) principles and direct practice experience. All courses will allow you to confidently meet Ofsted requirements.

You can access a training package that provides practical solutions to serious issues and regularly achieves significant increases in not only course participants’ knowledge but, more importantly, their SKILLS & CONFIDENCE.

This is achieved through a blend of the following:

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Course Overview

The 4-Day +ProActive Approaches Train The Trainer Course (Mainstream Schools Edition) will give you a clear insight into the reasons for behaviour and the ability to cascade our tried and tested 5-step system for effective behaviour change. During the course, delegates gain significant benefits from the dynamic nature of the interactive learning, as well as the positive impact on understanding and information retention from the experiential exercises and video case studies.

The modules outlined below can be delivered during INSET days or twilight sessions. The course content is modular and comes with an assessment tool to show you clearly where to start to make the biggest impact.

Course Contents


Q: Is the course certificated?

A: Yes, all delegates who complete the course will be provided with a certificate as part of the course fee, and will be able to certificate staff they train in future.

Q: Is the theory part of the course just Powerpoint?

A: Absolutely NOT! The course utilises a unique blend of video, case studies, group exercises, personal reflection, experiential exercises to effectively impart the required knowledge and skills in order to empower staff to support children and young people effectively.

Q: How many of my staff can attend?

A: While it’s possible to send just 1 staff member from your school, we recommend sending at least 2 staff members, so they can support each other in the future training process. If you’re looking to send more staff, we can facilitate a ‘closed door’ course to be completed at your school.

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