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Discover How Your Peers are Regularly Earning (Tax Free) Rewards in their Free Time by Supporting the UK Education & Care Sectors.


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Dear Colleague,

If I walked up to you on the street and told you I’d readily hand you a £175 Amazon voucher in exchange for doing something you’re probably already doing, you’d probably walk right past me.

And if I told you I’d KEEP handing you vouchers for weeks, months, and years to come, you’d probably run in the opposite direction.

But that’s exactly what our Ambassador Programme is all about.

It’s your opportunity to receive 100% tax-free rewards in exchange for having a (well-needed) positive impact in the UK Education & Care sectors.

And it takes just a few minutes of your time. Really.

But before I explain how quickly and easily you can start earning an unlimited number of these £175 Amazon vouchers, I want to share why I’m inviting you to join our Ambassador Programme.

My name’s Simon Gower, and I’m the founder of +Proactive Approaches.

You know who we are by now. After all, you’ve been through our training.

But if I was talking to a complete stranger, I’d tell them “We’re a BILD Certified Organisation providing Trauma-Informed Behavioural Support training across the UK”.

(We’re actually listed first on the list of BILD Certified organisations on their website.)

That said, you might not know my background.

Before I became a training provider, I started my career in Special Schools and Children’s Residential Homes in the mid-nineties – first as a Registered Manager, before going on to become an area manager of several children’s homes.

  • You don’t need me to tell you the challenges that came with those roles.
  • Repeatedly coming up against the same behaviours without knowing how to resolve them (at their root cause)…

  • Feeling constantly burned out and stressed at the end of every day, with no idea of how to turn things around…

  • Wanting to help and support those in your care, but never knowing how (or if it’s even possible!)…

It was then that I first realised how little support there was for the sector, in terms of behavioural training that didn’t offer up a ‘cookie cutter’ approach that only worked 5% of the time.

It was that realisation that led me down the path I’m on today.

 And even though I'm proud to have been able to support hundreds of educators across the UK through tailored, bespoke, scientifically backed training methods... I know we can be doing more.

That’s why I’ve created our Ambassador Programme.

And, more importantly, that’s where you come in.

As someone who’s successfully been through our training, you’ve witnessed how transformational it is for your sector:

  • To finally be able to understand WHY children behave the way they do…
  • To understand the right approach to deal with any behaviour, in any setting…
  • And to be able to support children to thrive…

As a +Proactive Approaches Ambassador, you’ll earn rewards in exchange for introducing others to our training programmes.

(And because these rewards come in the form of Amazon vouchers, you won’t pay any income tax on them).

How to Become an Ambassador

Joining our Ambassador Programme couldn’t be simpler.

Because you’ve completed one of our trainings, you’re ‘pre- qualified’ to become an +Proactive Approaches Ambassador without any lengthy application or interview process.

All you need to do to get started is click the Get Started Button below.

From here, we’ll equip you with all the tools you need to start earning rewards while supporting the Education or Care Sectors.

How Do the Rewards Work?

The programme is designed to make it as simple for you as possible.

For every person who books one of our trainings off the back of your recommendation, we’ll send you a £175 Amazon Voucher.

If you refer 1 person, we’ll send you £175 in Amazon vouchers.

If you refer 2 people, we’ll send you £350 in Amazon vouchers.

If you refer 5 people, we’ll send you £875 in Amazon vouchers

If you refer 10 people, we’ll… well, you get the idea.

These rewards are completely uncapped – which means there’s no limit to how many referrals you can make, and how many vouchers you can earn.

Any recommendations you make will be tracked via your own unique link, ensuring that you receive your reward as soon as they book and pay for their place on the training.

Better yet, we’re going to make it even simpler for you.

Because you won’t be left to your own devices when it comes to getting started.

We’ll provide you with the information, materials, and even templates you can use (or tweak as you see fit) to make reaching out to your peers and colleagues effortless.

To get access and become an +Proactive Approaches Ambassador today, simply enter your details in the form below.

How Will You Spend Your Vouchers?

Let’s be honest, nobody gets into the education or care sector for the money.

We do it because we feel a deep desire to help others.

And becoming an Ambassador gives you the power to have a positive impact on a sector that truly needs it.

To be able to help others who’ve been in your shoes to discover the techniques and methods they need to not only thrive in their role, but to provide the support that’s so desperately needed.

It’s only fair that you’re rewarded for that too. And how you spend your vouchers is entirely up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often do I need to make a recommendation?

A. Once you join the Ambassador Programme, you'll remain a member for life. Whether you refer 3 people a month, or you don't get around to making a referral for a year, you'll still receive the same reward.

Q. Is there a fee to become an Ambassador?

A. No, as someone who's been through our training you'll never have to pay a penny to acquire or retain your Ambassador status. It's 100% free to join.

Q. Is it possible to get cash instead of Amazon vouchers?

A. Due to the way our Ambassador Programme has been designed, the only way to claim your rewards is in the form of a £175 Amazon voucher. This means you won't have to pay income tax on your reward, so it's 100% yours.

Q. How long does it take for me to earn my first reward?

A. It's impossible to know exactly how long it will take you, because it varies from person to person. But it could be as quick as a WhatsApp conversation with a friend or colleague. Better yet, we're going to give you all the materials you need to recommend our training programmes, so you won't have to create anything yourself.

Join the +Proactive Approaches Ambassador Programme

To become an +Proactive Approaches Ambassador today, simply click the Get Started Button below.