Train The Trainer Course (SEMH/PRU Edition)

The SEMH/PRU Schools Edition of +ProActive Approaches Behaviour Training provides you with an ‘In-House’ solution to easily cascade ‘classroom/school specific’ behaviour support training that focuses on understanding the reasons for behaviour (particularly Trauma & Attachment) and teaches effective de-escalation strategies. The course enables your own staff to qualify as ‘In House’ trainers. +ProActive Approaches Behaviour Training is designed to assist staff to identify, understand and respond confidently to behaviour that might challenge using a wide range of proactive strategies and techniques.

Course Duration: 8 Days

Is this course certificated? YES

….. See below for the course description and overview.


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The 8 Day +ProActive Approaches Train The Trainer Course (SEMH/PRU Edition) enables your own staff to qualify as 'In House' trainers and mentor colleagues to identify, understand and respond confidently to behaviour that might challenge using a wide range of proactive strategies and techniques and includes the following:

  • Behaviour that might challenge in the context of child development.
  • The significant impact of childhood trauma & attachment.
  • Effective and practical ‘classroom/school specific’ de-escalation techniques including help scripts.
  • The legal context.
  • Responding safely to challenging behaviour, keeping children, and yourself safe.
  • Low-level guiding & escorting techniques using +ProActive Building Blocks©
  • 1 and 2-person physical interventions using +ProActive Building Blocks©, and…
  • Effective incident recording using a 7-part recording formula.

The philosophy behind +ProActive Approaches is one of understanding, empathy and adopting a pro-active mindset in relation to potential challenging behaviour. Through empowering staff members to become inquisitive about behaviour and consider it from a context of either being an unmet need, frustration, anxiety, trauma & attachment issues, environmental factor or communication difficulties, they will be able to correctly understand the behaviours and subsequently develop the correct support plans that will limit the likelihood of behaviour in the first place. This approach will ensure that your school effectively focuses on supporting students rather than trying to manage them.

The +ProActive Approaches courses draw heavily on contemporary research, PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) principles and direct practice experience. All courses will allow you to confidently meet Ofsted minimum standards.

You can access a training package that provides practical solutions to serious issues and regularly achieves significant increases in not only course participant’s knowledge, but more importantly, their SKILLS & CONFIDENCE.

This is achieved through a blend of the following:

  • Experiential Learning
  • Video Case Studies
  • Group Exercises
  • Pairs Exercises
  • Group Discussions



The 8 Day +ProActive Approaches Train The Trainer Course (SEMH/PRU Edition) has been specifically developed for Teachers & Ta's who are supporting children and young people with behavioural difficulties (SEMH/SEBD & PRU's ).

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Learning Outcomes

The 8 Day +ProActive Approaches Train The Trainer Course (SEMH/PRU Edition) enables your staff to develop a clear insight into the reasons for challenging behaviour. During the course, delegates gain significant benefit from the dynamic nature of the interactive learning, as well as the positive impact on understanding and information retention from the experiential exercises and video case studies.

The course covers the following:

  • Introduction & Welcome (setting the scene).
  • Introducing the +ProActive Trainers Toolkit (an in-depth toolkit that covers all of the key areas for success as a trainer).
  • Introduction to our research-based teaching methodology +ProActive Building Blocks© -[popup_trigger id=”1050″ tag=”span”]Click Here to find out More[/popup_trigger].
  • Defining ‘Challenging Behaviour’.
  • Establishing healthy ‘Values’ and a robust foundation for practice.
  • Child Development in a context of understanding behaviour.
  • Trauma & Attachment informed practice.
  • Recognising types and causes of behaviour and use these to develop pro-active and preventative strategies when responding to behaviour.
  • Understanding the ‘arousal cycle’.
  • Developing an effective set of classroom/school specific ‘De-Escalation’ skills and choosing the correct response.
  • Understanding the different forms of aggression.
  • Consider behaviours for adults to avoid when supporting children in crisis, becoming a ‘trusted adult’ and therapeutic responses to crisis.
  • Developing individualised support plans that will support children in relation to their behaviour.
  • How to include children and young people in behaviour planning (promoting inclusion, choices and considering a therapeutic approach to behaviour plans).
  • Understanding restrictive practices.
  • The law & legal context (including the Education and Inspections Act 2006, Education Acts 2002 and 2011)
  • Includes DoH Draft Guidance (Nov 2017) Reducing the Need for Restraint and Restrictive Intervention – Children and Young People and also the RPI Guidance for Ofsted Inspectors (March 2018) – Positive environments where children can flourish.
  • The health risks associated with physically holding children (including positional asphyxiation).
  • Developing the use of low arousal approaches.
  • Low-level guiding & escorting techniques using +ProActive Building Blocks© -[popup_trigger id=”1050″ tag=”span”]Click Here to find out More[/popup_trigger].
  • 1 and 2 person holds and breakaways using +ProActive Building Blocks© -[popup_trigger id=”1050″ tag=”span”]Click Here to find out More[/popup_trigger].

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Course Details

If you would like to discuss your needs before making a booking, please call us on: 0845 475 0084.

Course times: 9:00am – 16:30pm each day (includes mid-morning, lunch and afternoon breaks).

OPEN Course Information (National Course – hosted by us):

Refreshments: Tea & Coffee supplied during breaks – buffet lunch supplied each day.

Delegate accommodation, travel & evening meals: Supplied by you (not included).

CLOSED Course Information (where we come to you):

Refreshments/Lunch etc: Supplied by you (not included).

Delegate accommodation, travel & evening meals: N/A

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1, Q – Is the course certificated?
A, Yes.

2, Q – Is the theory part of the course just Powerpoint?
A – Absolutely NOT! The course utilzes a unique blend of video, case studies, group exercises, personal reflection, experiential exercises to effectively impart the required knowledge and skills in order to empower staff to support children and young people effectively.

3, Q – Does this course teach the physical prts of the course using +ProActive Building Blocks©?
A, Yes, the methodology used on all of our courses is +ProActive Building Blocks© –

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Pre-Course Requirements

Course delegates must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Have completed a 2-day +ProActive Approaches behaviour course or equivalent (Please call us on 0845 475 0084 to discuss suitable equivalents).
  • Have a minimum of 2 years practice experience in the sector they will teach in.
  • Hold a current first aid certificate.
  • Hold or be working towards an adult teaching qualification.

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Recent Feedback

I really enjoyed it and it boosted my confidence.


PACE should be part of ALL teacher training and mainstream teaching

Helpful for students deemed ‘naughty’!

SEMH special school

The course was excellent!!

Head Teacher
Special School.

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